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Vision, Mission, Values

Our Vision

To inspire all through the limitless possibilities of flight, sparked by a singular experience or a lifetime connection.

Our Mission

The Museum of Flight is a community where we unleash the innovation, passion, and human story of flight to unlock joy and the amazing potential in everyone.

The Museum of Flight exists to:

  • Collect, preserve, and participate in the dynamic and diverse stories of aerospace.
  • Capture the awe of the past, present, and future of aviation and space for all to experience.
  • Provide innovative experiential learning opportunities for people of all ages.
  • Create a sense of belonging and community around the shared joy of flight.

Our Values

Everyone has purpose; anyone can fly.

Do everything with integrity; no matter the headwinds. 

Excellence is the heading; changing lives is the destination. 

The entire crew gets us off the ground; together we soar. 

Joy and passion are the afterburners.